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How to fill the gate valve with butter?

1. Preparation
Prepare butter, grease gun and cotton yarn.

2. Operation steps
2-1. Unscrew the upper cover of the grease gun, and add butter into the cavity of gate valve.
2-2. Close the lid of the grease gun and press the handle of the grease gun until the grease flows out.
2-3. According to the grease nozzle specifications of the gate valve configuration, select the appropriate grease gun nozzle and install it on the grease outlet of the grease gun.
2-4. Wipe the gate valve oil nozzle with cotton yarn.
2-5. Align the grease gun nozzle with the valve oiling nozzle, press the handle of the grease gun to fill the grease, until the grease overflows from the gate valve stem hole

3. Matters needing attention
3-1. Squeeze the grease gun not too fast to prevent the grease from spilling.
3-2, the operator shall not face the gate valve directly.
3-3, The gate valve can be switched flexibly after adding butter.


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