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Potential Failure and Troubleshooting For Bellows Sealed Valve

1.  General

As a type of pressure equipment, valve has potential hazards of pressure and creation of explosive atmosphere resulting from leakage of process fluid. For the safety purpose, user shall read this instruction to know what we have already taken into account in our design and manufacture, and what action shall be taken by user according to essential health and safety requirements of European Directive 2014/68/UE(PED).

2.  Product description

For Thermal oil system and steam system, we design bellows sealed valves, Double wall bellows seal as standard,zone leakage and long working life, all those advantages guarantee your system more safety. Below we introduce bellows sealed valves:

3.Bellow construction

The bellow cartridge is welded to both the Valve Bonnet and the Valve stem. The bellow cartridge has a number of convolutions and these convolutions become compressed or expanded depending upon the movement of Valve stem. (Scientifically speaking the bellow gets compressed when the Valve is in the open position and expanded when the Valve is in the closed condition). It is important to properly install the Valve bodies. The bellow can be sealed to the Valves in two different ways. Firstly, the bellow can be welded to the Valve stem at the top and the Valve body on the bottom. In this case the process fluid is contained inside the bellow or in second method the bellow is welded to the Valve stem at the bottom and the body on the top. In this case the process fluid is contained in the annular region between the Valve Bonnet and bellow (from the outside).

The bellow is a critical component and forms the heart of the bellow seal Valves. To avoid any twisting of the bellow the Valve must have a stem with linear movement only. This can be achieved using a so-called sleeve-nut at the Yoke portion of the Valve Bonnet. A handwheel is fitted into the sleeve-nut which effectively transfers a rotary motion of the handwheel into a linear motion in the Valve stem.

4.Bellow design

The multi-ply bellow design is preferred for handling higher pressure fluids (generally two or three plies of the metal wall). A two ply bellow can increase its pressure rating by 80% to 100% as compared to a single ply bellow of the same thickness. Alternatively, if a single ply bellow of a thickness equivalent to a pressure rating of a two ply bellow is used, the stroke length is reduced. Thus, a multi-ply bellow design offers a distinct advantage over a single ply bellow. It is clear that the bellow is subject to metal fatigue and this fatigue can induce weld failure. The bellow fatigue life is affected by the material of construction, fabrication technique, stroke length and stroke frequency, in addition to the usual parameters such as fluid temperature and pressure.

Potential Failure and Troubleshooting


Possible reason


No flow  

Valve closed  

Open the valve

Flange dust caps were not removed  

Remove dust caps on the flanges

Poor flow

Valve is not open enough  

Open the valve

Dirty filter  

Clean or replace the screen

Clogged pipeline  

Check the pipeline

Control difficulties

Dry stem  

Grease the stem

Gland packing tighten too much  

Slightly slacken gland nuts. Put attention to

keep stuffing box tightness

Stem leakage  

Bellow damage  

Tighten the gland until tightness will be

reached. Replace upper part of the valve as

soon as possible.

Seat leakage  

Shut off not correct  

Tighten the handwheels without any

auxiliary tools

Seat or disc damage  

Replace the valve and contact supplier or


Pressure difference too much  

Apply valve with balancing disc. Check if

the valve was assembled according to

arrow direction marked on the valve.

Medium polluted with solid particles  

Clean the valve. Fit strainer before the


Broken connecting flange

Bolts tighten unevenly

Replace the valve with new one



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